Our team is built with talented, creative and hard working professionals who will bring your dream home to life. With multiple award winning homes under our name, we know the importance of building a home that exceeds all expectations for our clients and we will go above and beyond to achieve this. You as the client will be a major part of our team during the creation and execution of your dream home!



Our ambitious and exuberant leader Sarah is the inexhaustible creative energy behind Sarah Waller Architecture. Originating from the UK with a multitude of qualifications including Bachelor of Arts, Masters in Architecture and an Open Builder’s License, Sarah’s passion for architecture and design is all encompassing. She has a love of monochrome, an obsession for plants and stationery. When she’s not busy running her two companies (Sarah Waller Architecture and Sarah Waller Building) she’s enjoying time with her husband and two daughters at the beach.


Building Designer

Originally from Germany Cynthia moved to Australia in 2014. After attending a technical university in Germany, Cynthia knew that architecture is more than just a job, it is a passion. After moving to Australia, she completed the Building Design Diploma at TAFE Queensland East Coast in 2018. During and after her studies Cynthia has been working on high end residential projects on the Sunshine Coast. Being experienced in Graphic Design and social media Cynthia brings several talents to the team.


Architectural Graduate

With a life-long passion for design, Lena was drawn to architecture for its mix of creativity and functionality. During and after her studies at the Technical University in Munich she gained valuable insights in high end residential and multi-residential projects all over Germany.  As a registered Architect in Germany she developed an in-depth understanding of design and solution-oriented thinking. But it was during her year long study at UQ in Brisbane, where she truly fell in love with Australia and its Architecture. Since 2020 Lena has been based on the Sunshine Coast driven to create the perfect spaces for her clients, always willing to go the extra mile.


Architectural Graduate

Design has always played a big part in Angelina’s life hence her decision to study Architecture. Being educated in Germany and influenced by its Architecture, she gained a love for brutalism with a soft touch. Most important for Angelina is a sustainable approach to design and to restore and repurpose as much of existing resources as possible. Living in Australia made her understand how important it is to work with the elements and to find economic solutions for the hot climate. Always with an innovative, precise, and functional approach – driven to create dream homes for her clients.


Graphic Designer

Originally from Sydney Michelle studied Graphic Design and Interior Design before establishing herself as a highly talented graphic designer, Michelle has previously worked for Inside Out and Adore Home Magazine.

Deeply inspired by all things design, photography and travel, Michelle is passionate about typography and layout – she is always on hand to ensure our presentation material is in line with our brand.


Mental Support

If you have ever visited the studio then you will have met Boo, who is perfectly colour co-ordinated with the house! You will often find her curled up on a client’s lap during presentations. Her drafting skills are something she is working on.

Just in case you were wondering: Boo is a female Pekapoo…Pekingese/Toy Poodle cross.