Hear what our valued clients and colleagues have experienced when working with Sarah Waller Architecture.


“We can only speak highly of the journey so far with Sarah.”

“Despite the difficulties, she has persisted and broken through the backward thinking Council by forming alliances with key staff and, when all seemed lost, kept our spirits up with a sense of humour and dogged determination”

“From the very beginning Sarah created a brief, listening to our initial ideas, the setting of the land our future lifestyle. From this a breath taking contemporary design has evolved. We are delighted and excited by the style and functionality Sarah has created for us.”

“Sarah achieves results by asking questions, proposing ideas and discussing options. Above all she listens. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah as an architect capable of transforming dreams into reality.”

M.D. Tannum Sands


“I knew from the first conversation that I had with Sarah that I wanted her to design our home.”

“She was so interested in talking to me about what we wanted, how we lived, what we should think about, and what her design philosophy is, that it was a very natural and easy interaction right from the start.”

“Sarah has always been so generous with her time and very patient with explaining how the process works and what the steps involved are. The level of detail in the documentation that she and her practice produces is exceptional and it provides you with a level of confidence. ”

“Sarah’s passion for design is evident in everything that she does and her care for us as clients has also been evident throughout as well. She really wants you to love where you’re going to live”

“Right from the initial design that Sarah created for us she brought to life the kind of home that we have often spoken about wanting to live in.”

AM. Doonan


“Sarah has an almost unique ability to faciliate a process of co-creation in which her professional skills and classical training shape a brief that is significantly more valuable than the mere client needs and wants.”

“My wife and I have been working with Sarah and her team for the last few months to create a transformative design philosophy that will result in a home that we love equally from both functional and aesthetic perspectives.”

“Sarah and her teams contributions have been invaluable. They have taken the time to understand our aspirations and at the same time had the courage to use their expertise to stretch and in deed challenge our thinking.”

“If you are looking for an architect to guide you through an important project, we believe that you need look no further than Sarah Waller Architecture.”

R.S. Doonan


“I knew immediately that if I was going to build a house then I wanted Sarah Waller to be my architect.”

“I had looked at other architects previously but Sarah Waller Architecture stood out like a beacon to me.”

“Initially I was nervous about spending the money on an architect and a new build but Sarah has held my and throughout. Signing a contract with Sarah Waller Architecture was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

“Sarah (and her team) have been absolutely amazing. Even though I live in New South Wales we have been in constant contact.”

“Sarah listened to all my wants and needs at the initial meeting and because I am on a budget she carefully lets me know what I can and can’t have within my budget framework.”

“When Sarah did the preliminary Concept Design I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I cried. Her attention to detail is incredible.”

“I cannot speak highly enough of Sarah Waller Architecture. Sarah’s professionalism is beyond reproach and I have no hesitation in recommending her firm.”

R.C. Hunter Valley


“Sarah is reliable, creative, honest and extremely professional. She lives and breathes architecture and when she takes on a project she really pours her heart and her soul into the work.”

“We had purchased a block of land in a gated community where the homes have a strong Mediterranean influence and a strict Building Covenant but were drawn to Sarah’s modern design aesthetic. So we approached her and tasked her with the challenge of creating something that met the covenants but still satisfied our desire for a more modern home.”

“Sarah’s approach to the project was really refreshing. She spent time getting to know us, how we like to use our space, what our hobbies are and how we like to spend our leisure time rather than simply asking how many bedrooms and bathrooms we want.”

“The documentation she produces and the level of detail of her work ensures 100% transparency for the client and reduces ambiguity for the Builder tasked with building your home.”

A.C. Noosa Heads


“When we first met Sarah Waller, we knew straight away that she was the right fit for us. She really listened to what we were trying to achieve for our new home.”

“Once we appointed her she presented new ideas to us that we had not even considered before, we wanted our new home to be practical to suit our family’s need but at the same time be a great piece of Architecture.”

“Over the many months we worked with her to finalise a design that met all the stringent council requirements, we found Sarah and her team to be very professional and determined to get us our approval, which I am pleased to say we now have.”

“It has been an exciting time for us working with Sarah on what we hope will be our forever home, she has produced a design that far exceeded our dreams and did so in a timely and efficient way. We are amazed about the level of detail that she has gone into and she has been patient with us when we have been making our selections.”

“We have really enjoyed our time working together with her and her colleagues, she is a very competent Architect who has designed an amazing home that we hope to start building very soon.”

“I highly recommend Sarah Waller Architecture for the design of your new home, I would be confident that you would not be disappointed in choosing to work with her.”

K.K. Maroochy