Sarah Waller Architecture approaches each brief, client and site as an individual and unique opportunity to create a inspired and ground-breaking home. Our architecture is built on our client’s desires and the opportunity the site and brief provide. Every project has it’s own identity, driven by our client’s lifestyle, design and an injection of their own personality.



We ascertain our client’s needs and begin with a clear list of requirements for their design to include. Our clients are involved in every step of the process – we will work as a team throughout the process in order to design a flawless response to their lifestyle needs and create timeless, modern architecture design.


We understand that each project is unique with its own budgetary constraints and requirements. We deliver projects that are achievable within our client’s means by creating designs that are considerate of their budget, without compromising practicality or the design identity.


We interpret our client’s brief by creating original concepts that carefully incorporate their requirements into a coherent and considered piece of architecture. We liaise closely with our clients in order to achieve a comprehensive, practical and beautiful response to their needs.


Once the concept is approved, we provide full CAD design drawings and specifications for the project, including floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans, joinery drawings and  finishes schedule. We work closely with the consultant design team and the council to meet structural requirements and achieve design approval.



Visualisation is the key to making a house into a home. During the earlier stages of the design process we are able to create 3D fly throughs. We employ a team of experts that construct photo-realistic images of both the external and interior styling to give our clients a unique insight into their completed home before any building work starts. Our 3D visualisations effectively present our design to our clients and are a useful tool to help clarify all aspects of the design.


At Sarah Waller Architecture, we consider the interior of a home to be a continuation of the external architecture. We design all elements of the interior – from cabinetry to floor finishes and colour schemes, with great attention to detail to ensure a consistent finished product that fits the client’s brief.


Lighting is a key element of the design of our homes and plays an important role creating mood and effect. We carefully plan the lighting design and home automation system for our projects with ease of everyday tasks in mind. Smart homes are a part of our future and our projects are designed to achieve the energy efficient demands of the modern home.


It is important to us that the projects we produce are sustainable and low-impact. We create our homes with consideration of our environment by building with sustainable and local materials where possible and reducing energy use with design that utilises our beautiful Australian climate and meets thermal requirements.



In Australia, our lifestyle is focused on the ‘great outdoors’. We design external spaces that function as part of the home and strive to seamlessly blend the transition from indoor to outdoor. External living and landscaping are important factors of a finished home, helping it to settle into its environment and complement and complete the design.


Do you live outside the Sunshine Coast?
Not a problem, we travel to meet with you. Our clients are often based interstate and a few even overseas. With the technology we have today communication is so much easier. Sarah Waller Architecture is currently registered in both Queensland and New South Wales, Australia and New Zealand.

What we do